Crepe Papers white and coloured – Flame Retardant according to 4102 B1


Underrated talent?Crepe paper flame retardant according to A4 4102 B1
Thinking of crepe papers, most people think involuntarily of eager children’s hand
s at the craft. But that is no longer the only use! Read on if you want to know why.

If you look at the market “flame retardant,” you quickly realize: Colored, thin papers with fire protection certificate are in short supply, especially in small quantities.

As According to 4102 B1 flame retardant crepe paperan alternative to tissue paper, we now also offer crepe paper on roll, which has been specially developed for use in public spaces and is flame retardant according to 4102 B1.

Unlike tissue paper, the crepe paper has tight, irregular cross wrinkles, resulting in increased stretchability of the paper structure as well as fracture resistance. It can also be folded very well.
The lightweight, wafer-thin paper looks very lively Decorative flower made of crepe paperdue to the tight creating and is also suitable for delicate elements. The areas of application are diverse or rather left to the imagination. For example:
For decorating wedding parties (folded loops, petals …), carnival (letting crepe paper ribbons hang from the ceiling …), artful packaging (crepped—> protection of packaged items from impacts), sewing costumes, Room linings and stage sets.
Interested in crepe paper, flame retardant in various colorful colours? Even for the smaller need.

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