Paper burns brightly without special treatment! Photo: Alicija



Our children already know how easily papers and many textiles can burn.







In certain areas, however, this is absolutely undesirable or dangerous for the people on the scene. This is why legislators have greatly improved fire protection regulations over the last few years and have required flame-retardant materials for all public events and in buildings frequented by the public that prevent major fires.

This applies, for example, to trade fairs, football matches, public authorities, schools, airports and the like.


Via the side menu bar you will find our range of flame-retardant papers, e.g. for scenery construction, decoration, design and handicrafts or advertising and others.


The fire protection of papers and fabrics can be achieved by various possibilities.

When oxygen is no longer present, the flame suffocates. Photo: Mario Eppinger

In advertising technology, for trade fair and stage construction as well as for show and event design, mostly finished or coated textiles and papers are used or, alternatively, fabrics made of flame-retardant fibres.


Textiles made of chemical fibres, natural fibres and their blends already react differently due to the raw materials used. The burning behaviour can be influenced by fibre combinations or the finish. Cotton and polyester are particularly suitable for finishing with flame-retardant chemicals, blended fabrics are less suitable.


The chemicals are either mixed into the fibre raw material before the finishing process or applied to the fabric afterwards. Special textile finishers, for example, provide the fabrics with flame retardancy. In Germany, all companies pay attention to environmental protection and safe quality. This is documented by certifications according to ISO DIN EN 9001 (quality management system), 14001 (environmental management system) and validation according to the EU Eco-Audit.




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