Material Worlds


The fields of application for flame-retardant materials are extremely diverse. 



Stage: Fire protection on! Photo: Lillaby

Papers and fabrics for theatres, stages, clubs and casinos, schools, kindergartens and public authorities.

Purpose of use:     – Scenery

                                       – Theatre snowflakes and confetti

                                       – Roll paper for stage sets and packaging

                                       – Decoration

                                       – Technical applications

                                       – costumes

                                       – sprinkler stretch 

                                       – 3D materials, e.g. stage snow

Explainable on the basis of our company history, we currently offer mainly flame-retardant products from the world of paper.  However, we are working on keeping products from other material worlds – see below – ready for you in the future. 
Be curious and feel free to contact us already now if you have a problem to solve.
You will also help us to adapt our assortment to your needs.


Damping the light and extinguishing the fire – that’s how fire protection works! Foto: FreeFotos



Purpose of use:    – Curtains

                                       – Darkening in public buildings 

                                      – Picture and film lectures   

                                      – Cinemas and schools

                                      – Office and conference rooms

                                      – Nursing and geriatric care

                                      – Private sleeping area

                                      – Photo and film studios

                                      – Thread curtains

                                      – Trade fair and shop construction

                                      – wall decorations

                                      – display systems

                                      – lightbox



Fabrics for furniture and upholstery (e.g. artificial leather)

Purpose of use:     – couches

                                       – seat covers

                                       – upholstery

                                       – car tuning

                                       – boat building

                                       – Handbags and Suitcases                                                                                                                                                                                                         – Clothing and appliqués


Of course a king must be protected from all evil – even from fire! Photo: Capri23auto Pixabay



Flame-retardant FURNITURE: (Complete)

Application for use: – Airports, railway stations, schools, kindergartens and                                                     authorities

                                             – Cinemas, clubs and theatres





Floor coverings (e.g. carpets, plastic floors, laminates)

Purpose for use:     – Public passenger transport

                                          – Hotels and restaurants

                                          – All authorities and institutions





Fire protection on walls – important not only in hotels! Photo: DarkworkX at Pixabay

Flame-retardant ROOM DESIGN:

Prints, pictures, wallpapers, etc.

Purpose: – Hotels and restaurants

                                         – waiting areas

                                         – Private use

                                         – authorities






Flame retardant equipment:

Examples:                  – Fire detectors

                                         – adhesives

This small electronic device can save lives! Photo: eme9221 at Pixabay

                                         – adhesive tapes

                                         – foam

                                         – Velcro and more






Flame-retardant advertising articles:

banners, roll-ups, giant advertising balls, etc.

Purpose of use:      – Trade fairs

                                        – exhibitions

                                        – Public visitor areas in companies





Materials for sun and light protection

Application:              – Sun protection awnings

                                         – blinds




König Konzept: Schwer entflammbare Papiere, Papiersuchdienst, Produktion