Mouth and nose mask “R<1" - paper


Mouth and nose mask “R<1” made of paper – The affordable and customizable nose-mouth mask.

Printed or unprinted?

The mask is available completely neutral or soon in a range of designs that add a little colour and lightness to life. As our mask is made of paper, it can of course be individually and artistically decorated (artists and children will certainly love to get out their crayons …).

The “R<1” – Mouth and nose mask for companies, offices and institutions.



If you run a business with customer traffic, we recommend that you make the inexpensive “R<1” mask available to your customers for the time they spend with you.

By doing this you will contribute to improving the situation and signal to your customers that you feel responsible for their health. Last but not least, you are also doing something for yourself – because the faster the restrictions on opening shops fall, the better for your own economic situation. An individually printed mask with your logo is also an advertising opportunity for your company.



The technical data of the infection protection mask.

It consists of a light paper with a high cotton content and weighs under 5 g. The “R<1” mask is attached to the head with an elastic band that is threaded through the holes at both ends of the side edges using metal pins.>

The wearing comfort is good, even with moderate physical exertion. The mask sits well fixed over the mouth and nose area. Due to the two air slits, the inflow of breathing air does not experience any noticeable resistance. The air slits also reduce the fogging of the spectacles a little for spectacle wearers (although this also depends on factors such as the ambient temperature, the type of spectacles etc.).

Due to the simple design, the mask can be transported completely flat and space-saving, e.g. between pages of a book, and can thus be quickly replaced by a new mask.

As the material consumption is low (three masks have the surface of only one A4 sheet of paper) and because of the reusable elastic band, the mask is also a very environmentally friendly solution.

It is also possible to customize the mask according to your needs by using other materials, e.g. synthetic fleece like Tyvek.  Also in variations, such as with metal eyelets to reinforce the holes or with other band solutions



Prices and conditions.

Our “R<1” infection protection masks are a product calculated on an expense basis only, with which we also want to help support our partners in the paper and printing industry and protect them against the notification of short-time work. In doing so, we pass on to our customers the savings effects resulting from an increase and optimization of production. For this reason you will not (yet) find prices here and we kindly ask you to ask us for the desired quantities.  You will receive a message from us shortly.


In order to be able to guarantee favourable prices, it is necessary that we minimise the expenditure for advertising and distribution. Therefore we rely on interested parties from the private sector to combine collective orders for themselves and others.


Here you can find all INFORMATION about the “R<1” mask compactly in one PDF.


Do you have any questions or would you like to place an order/request prices? We are looking forward to your message!


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