Offset paper – Flame Retardant in 185 g/sqm

Public safety and optimized advertising – EventGarant makes it possible!Match 631729 _ 1280


The EventGarant offset paper, which is non-flammable according to the French standard M1 and flame-retardant according to DIN 4102 B1, with its brilliant whiteness and short drying times, not only gives you excellent printing results but also a calm feeling when it comes to fire protection.


* The material has a high opacity and unique dimensional stability, which ensures a better design and ease of processing.

* Advertising campaigns, posters, banners and hanging signs in public interiors – the use of this paper as an advertising medium increases security.

* The grammage 185 g/qm is matt coated on both sides.


* Arc and roller formats on request


König Konzept: Schwer entflammbare Papiere, Papiersuchdienst, Produktion