Printing Paper – Flame Retardant according to M1 and DIN B1 in 120 g/sqm

High-quality printing & active fire protection – EventGarant

Matchick-20237 _ 1280

If you are looking for a white, thin and easily printable paper, which should also be flame retardant-then we have something for you:

* The material EventGarant is not flammable according to French standard M1 AND flammable according to 4102 B1.

* The Grammatur 120 g/sqm is unilaterally painted silk matte with a back function stroke.

* With the qualitative coating and the bright white, images are perfectly reproduced.

* The paper can be easily printed in digital printing, offset printing and screen printing and has very good processing properties.

* Arc and roller formats on request


König Konzept: Schwer entflammbare Papiere, Papiersuchdienst, Produktion