The “R<1" masks - Our contribution to the corona crisis


The “R<1” – nose-mouth masks.

Or: How do I protect others from me?

The corona crisis has now gripped the whole world and will continue to accompany us for a long time.

We hope that the news has now spread: Medical protective masks are absolutely scarce at the moment and should therefore be reserved for those groups of people who work in the medical and nursing and rescue sectors and thus for all of us.


Our “R<1” – mouth and nose masks do not fall into this category.

They are “makeshift masks” and have no certification according to ISO, EN or DIN and no effect can be proven according to a protection class (FFPx or similar). It therefore does not offer the wearer any reliable protection against infection and should not tempt him/her to be careless now. In particular, the required minimum distances to other people must still be observed!


Here is a current account of the worldwide spread of the Covid 19 virus. As of May 21, 2020. 

Worldwide spread of the corona virus. Germany is well on its path. Thanks to the educational work of the experts and the good cooperation with the government – and also due to the mask duty!



We can offer you 3 different variants:

The “R<1” – paper mouth-nose mask
The “R<1” – Mouth and nose mask made of plastic foil
The “R<1” – fabric mouth and nose mask (still in production)


So what are these masks for?

In short: Less the user is protected, but rather the persons with whom the user comes into contact.

Even this is not 100% secure. However, the risk of infection is significantly reduced because the mask stops the droplets that are produced when sneezing and even when speaking, which are the main reason for the transmission of the corona virus.

Because – important to know:  Within the incubation period of up to 14 days you can feel absolutely healthy yourself – and still infect others.


Why “R<1”?

R stands for the reproduction number, which expresses how many more people an infected person infects. Keeping this number as far under 1 as possible is crucial to contain the corona pandemic and bring it to an end.  Reproduction rate R below 1 means that statistically speaking, an infected person infects less than one other person, thus reducing the total number of infected persons. Anyone who wears a makeshift cover when shopping or using public transport can therefore make an effective contribution to making times more relaxed again soon.


Do you have any questions or would you like to place an order/request prices? We look forward to your message!


And – if you are just wondering why we offer our infection protection masks “R<1” here on the pages of the flame resistant materials: Covid 19 is a worldwide area fire that threatens the whole of mankind and we would like to help to contain this “epidemic fire” a little bit.


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