Advertising – flame retardant


No business without advertising!

This is clear to us and to you – and so that you don’t have any legal problems, we offer you materials for your advertising that meet the necessary fire protection regulations.


Well done advertising attracts buyers. But beware: Think of fire protection in this area too! Photo: Analisa Batista on Pixabay


There are no limits to your imagination and creativity. Advertising can be placed on almost all materials.


Therefore you will find the following advertising materials, which are printable and flame-resistant:

In the application area menu on the right/below (mobile telephony) you can be inspired.


You don’t find what you are looking for?

Contact us and tell us about your idea. We will do our best to find material for you that is suitable for your purposes. And we can also help you with the production.

We look forward to your inquiry.


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