Flame retardant films

The field of flame retardant films is very diverse.


Films for technical applications, e.g.

  • Fire protection films made of PE material, which can be used as a covering film, for wrapping your goods as well as for covering and hanging windows or doors, as a suction film, for protecting your floors during painting work, or as dust protection, this tear-resistant PE film is.

Films for floor advertising, flame retardant, e.g.

  • Foils available from us:

    PVC advertising films, not only floor advertising, but also ideal for signposting at trade fairs or in hospitals or as information signs in airports, etc. These films can be used on all smooth floors in public spaces.



Floor advertising! Naturally flame retardant. Photo: Erik Mclean/Pexel



Flame retardant adhesive films

Adhesive films are used in all kinds of sales outlets, but also in open-plan offices with glass fronts or, for example, in doctors’ surgeries.

  • Films made of soft PVC that can be used in the field of decoration and lettering, e.g. as shop window advertising, visual protection and hazard warning signs for windows, glass doors or glass fronts.


Shop window advertising must also be flame retardant. Photo: Artem Beliaikin/Pexel



Flame-retardant lacquer foils

And, of course, there are flame-retardant lacquer films for the most diverse areas such as gastronomy, stages of all kinds or in the event sector.


A distinction is made here between lacquer film and luminaire film.

  • Lacquer films are thicker (approx. 200/250 g/m²), washable, flexible and opaque – easy to process. Very suitable for gastronomy and events. Coloured on both sides, many colours.


  • Metallic films are made of metallised and lacquered PVC in a fine grammage of approx. 35/40 my. These films are also available in many colours, but the reverse side is always silver. Metallic films are suitable for decorating shop windows, product presentations, stage coverings and other events. Also ideal for laminating surfaces and as packaging material.
Decoration films DIN B1



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