Japanese Paper – Flame Retardant according to EN 13501-1


Flame retardant papers are absolutely necessary for many application situations and are simply required by law. But let’s be honestly: Necessary things are not always aesthetic things.


So we are all  pleased that we can now offer you a kind of Japanese paper that really convinces both haptically and visually wonderful qualities. It is about a 80 g/sqm heavy white paper with considerable tear resistance. It can thus also be used in interior design, for example for Japanese sliding walls, room dividers or the like.


The risk posed by flammable lampshade paper is also completely underestimated this is precisely what the Japanese paper is predestined for.

Design, art, lights…


Japanese paper















The Japanese paper is currently available from stock in rolls of 25 linear metres in the following widths:
106.7 cm – Easily available here via our online shop www.konzept-shop.de.
152.4 cm – Easily available here via our online shop www.konzept-shop.de.


This is currently only available in German, but we will show you how you can still shop there:


The EN 13501-1 standard, which certifies the material’s flame retardancy, is the European standard that will gradually replace the still more familiar German standard DIN 4102 B1. Both the German and the European standard are essentially identical in content.

You can find out more about fire protection standards here.


Please contact us for this or for alternative dimensions: Contact


Translucent but stable


Not yet sure? Her you can order a sample.


By the Way:
As with all roll papers, we are happy to take cutting work from roll to format for you.
Just tell us your desired format.


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