flame-retardant adhesive tapes

MEZ-ALU adhesive tape 705 – 50 mm x 100 m

MEZ-Alu adhesive tape – extremely thin, strong and NON-flammable!

MEZ-Alu adhesive tape – ultrathin, strong and non-flammable!
The adhesive tape is an aluminium adhesive tape with a very adhesive, strongly cross-linked polyacrylate adhesive of very high heat resistance and very high shear strength.


It is ideal for bonding under very high temperature loads, as well as for sheathing, insulation and sealing.


Of course, this non-flammable tape is also very suitable for other types of bonding, because the adhesive strength is excellent and the tape can still be removed from smooth surfaces without leaving any residue. (It should be noted, however, that the strength of the adhesive increases over time).


You can find more information here:

MEZ-Alutape_Data Sheet  (only available in German)

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AT200 Ultra-Matt Advance Gaffa® Tape

Gaffa – THE flame-retardant adhesive tape for stages, trade fairs and cruise ships.
Ultra-matt Gaffa tape, flame retardant when bonded, extruded poly fabric tape, coated with a strong, pressure sensitive adhesive that allows multiple use and is plasticizer resistant.

The Advance 200 is the first choice for use on stages, trade shows and cruise ships due to its flame retardant properties and residue free removability. It is edge-stable when laid, yet cuddles to the substrate and can be removed again without leaving any residue.

Gaffa – THE flame-retardant adhesive tape for stages, trade fairs and cruise ships.

Extra matt finish
Can be removed without residue
Flame retardant coating
Waterproof equipment
Wide range of colours
Can be labeled
Good abrasion resistance
Width Temperature range
Easy to unroll
Non-corrosive adhesive
Form adaptable
Easy to tear off
Temperature resistance -10°C to 80°C
Application temperature 10°C to 40°C
Colours: black, white, grey(silver) and red
50 mm x 50 m
Here you can find more information:

AT200 Advance Data Sheet (only available in German)

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