Flame-retardant textile products and tissues

From left to right: woven cotton, velvet, printed cotton, calico, felt, satin, silk, sack linen, synthetic fibre. Photo: Sannse-wikipedia.


The supply of flame-retardant textiles and fabrics is growing as legal requirements and/or the will to provide the highest possible level of safety in public spaces increase and industry responds to growing demand.


We will gradually expand our range of these textiles and introduce you to interesting fabrics. We would be pleased to receive your suggestions and requests in this area as well – you can contact us here.



Photo: Jorge Guillen Pixabay



Flame-retardant polyester fabrics are ideal not only for darkening, but also for theatre, interior design, trade fair and shop fitting or backlit and display applications – depending on the application, they are highly opaque or translucent. Flame retardant cotton fabrics are often used for stages, cinemas and similar public spaces.



By the way: the main constituents of all textile products are textile fibres, i.e. fibres that can be processed in textile manufacturing processes, in particular are spinnable. These fibres can be both natural fibres and synthetic fibres. The textile fibres are linear structures with a sufficient length as well as bending and flexibility as prerequisites for their processability.


Here you will find the overview materials.


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