Flame Retardant Materials for the public space


Flame retardant papers and other materials


Strict regulations regarding the flammability and combustibility of the materials used for decorations, curtains, floors, furniture, wall coverings, room dividers, displays, banners, flags, etc., apply not only to almost all public events in buildings.


In general, fire protection is also regulated by law for materials in buildings and for public passenger transport in local and long-distance traffic.
And of course, fire protection must always be taken into account in all factories and garages.


It should be noted that there are different national standards, but they are all essentially similar, i.e. the fire protection and the requirements for the flammability of the materials.


This diversity of standards will be reduced over the next few years, because in Europe the standards of fire behaviour of building materials A2-s1, d0 according to DIN EN 13501 (e.g. for all flame-retardant building materials) have been introduced, which will replace the current national standards for flame-retardant materials.

Here you will find an overview of globally recognised Standards in Germany, Europe and the world.


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