FELIX Tissue papers in 33 colors – rolls and sheets – 25 g/qm and 45 g/qm


We can offer you these moist coloring flame retardant FELIX silk papers in 34 colors (see below) and two thicknesses:

The raw material has a grammage of approx. 25 g/qm or 45 g/qm. By upgrading to “flame retardant” and adding the color pigments, the grammage increases accordingly to approx. 25 g/qm – 30 g/qm or 45 – 50 g/qm.


Photo: Leopoldi-Art


This tissue paper is available in the following versions:

  • FELIX tissue paper 25/30 g/sqm
    Roll á 50 m in width 80 cm .
    Sheets 80 x 50 cm.


  • FELIX tissue paper 45/50 g/sqm
    Roll á 50/57 m in width 80/70 cm .
    Sheets 80 x 50 cm / 70 x 57 cm.

    Please note:
    For some colours in this grammage, the standard width is only approx. 70 cm, both for rolls and sheets. If this is a problem for you, please contact us. We will find a solution.

Cutting to size is possible.
The certificate proves the standard DIN 4102 B1.



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Here you can find one of many application examples.


You will receive this paper also in smaller quantities and we can promise you a quick delivery.
(Normally approx. 1 week).

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Here you will find the color shades – as a service we have included the Pantone color values. However, please note that the monitors show the values differently and therefore only an approximation is possible. (∗ = very close to the hue, ∗∗ = approximate)

ATTENTION: Not all formats are available in all colors.



Please note: The colour Swedish yellow is only available in 25 gsm.

Not all colours are permanently available in stock.

Please inquire about availability in advance.