The rose – not only a beautiful flower



A rose is a rose is … a project of the church district Gladbeck-Bottrop-Dorsten.

ROSE means “Regional Organized Pastoral Care Volunteers” in German: Regional Organisierte Seelsorge Ehrenamtlicher”. The volunteers are trained and educated in pastoral care and get involved in the community, in hospitals and old people’s homes.

You can find more information on the organisation’s website.


Woman Pastor Ulrike Mummenhoff




The woman pastor Ulrike Mummenhoff and her Rose-PR-Team had the idea for the Kirchentag 2019 to realize the name of the organization and to make roses together with interested people. These roses were made of our tissue paper, look really great – and never fade.






Deceptively real flowers – silk paper makes it possible!
The back of the card can be individually inscribed.

The idea behind it was to create a rose and then to give it as a present and to pass on loving thoughts and wishes to the recipient with help of the attached card. The recipient in turn had the opportunity to pass on the rose again to pass on greetings and good thoughts to a further person.


Here you can see enthusiastically handicrafts.




A wandering rose that should bring joy to many people.

We think – a beautiful idea! 








A kiss – a gift – the world can be so beautiful!