Roll Paper – Flame Retardant


Are you looking for paper for your stage production and it has to be fireproof?

It’s not always easy, but we can find solutions even for ‘small’ requirements.


For example, we can currently offer you antique white backdrop paper or smooth white scenery paper in B1 or M1 standard. If you don’t want white paper, we can offer you brown kraft paper.

You are not yet sure which material is the best? Here you can order a combined sample with all paper options.



  Theatre paper in offwhite B1



Offwhite backdrop paper Standard B1

We offer offwhite fireproof paper according to DIN 4102 B1 in rolls up to 1.5 m wide or in sheets.
The grammage is approx. 95/100 g/m².


Whether for theatrical purposes, as cover paper for easily flammable goods, for special (Christmas) greeting cards, light cones, tablecloths, partitions, wedding decorations, etc.

It can be printed normally and is pleasant to work with.


The following sizes are available:

  • Small rolls:
    1.5 m x 75 linear metres – easily available here via our Konzept-Shop.
    1.0 m x 30 linear metres – easily available here via our Konzept-Shop.
    1.0 m x 100 linear metres

  • Large rolls:
    1.0 m x approx. 500/525 linear metres
    1.5 m x approx. 333/350 linear metres

 Easily available here via our online shop Konzept-Shop. (Unfortunately, only in German).


The paper is also available from stock in A4 format 29.7 x 21.0 cm BB.

Easily available here via our Konzept-Shop.

Or you can contact us.




Role theatre paper white B1


Scenery roll paper, white,  standard B1


This white, smooth B1 paper is available in:

  • large rolls à 50 kg in width 100 cm and
  • small rolls in width 100 cm in 100 m length 

All roll formats are available here in our Online Store Konzept-Shop.


Or ask us for samples and prices or order here :
To the contact form.


Backdrop paper with the M1 standard



Roll paper M1 standard

New in our range is a white, non-flammable roll paper according to the French M1 standard, with a thickness of approx. 153 gsm and approx. 225/230 gsm. Matt coated, white, opaque.


We can deliver in different widths: 1.07m /1.27m /1.37m /1.60m per 50 m.

Easily available in our online store Konzept-Shop.
Or contact us.


The paper is ideal for stage and decoration projects, productions, exhibition construction, individual installations and individual creative solutions.

The leftovers of this material can be recycled with other papers as waste paper.

With certificate and delivery time of less than a week!


We are currently trying to find an alternative for this product.

Kraft paper standard B1


Brown kraft paper – Standard B1

If it doesn’t always have to be white (reflective).

Whether for technical applications, for coating or covering and packaging, for use in theatre sets and decorations, the brown kraft paper is suitable for any area that needs to be designed to be fire resistant.



Possible thicknesses:

Approx. 95/100 gms – unfortunately no longer available.


Approx. 70/75 g/m2 – unfortunately no longer available.

We also produced theatre leaves from this paper.



And if you have’nt found what you’re looking for on our pages:

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