Wall design flame retardant


Nowadays, fire safety laws in all public areas regulate the equipment of rooms with regard to flame-retardancy.


The design of the walls is also affected by this. In hospitals or retirement homes or nursing homes, fire safety is often achieved with flame retardant certified wall paint for more practical and cost-saving reasons.


In many other areas, however, the overall visual impression should also be aesthetically and optically inviting, interesting and artistic. An individual wall design is required.



Scandinavian design. Clear elegance – and important for public buildings: also planned with fire protection in mind. Photo from La Belle Gallery on Pixabay



Nowadays not only a modern superior hotel, a museum or an airport can afford this luxury.


Offices, schools, kindergartens, public bureaus, restaurants or private homes can also afford safety and luxurious design with  printed FLAME RETARDANT WALLPAPERS produced in small quantities.

Also exhibition stands can simply but impressively attract attention with wallpaper.


Here you can find informations about our flame retardant wallpapers.


Designers and artists have also recognised the exciting possibilities of wallpaper as a medium and have taken up the idea of printable wallpaper, which combines fire protection and aesthetics.


König Konzept: Schwer entflammbare Papiere, Papiersuchdienst, Produktion