Non-Woven coloured


Drop Paper – noble, translucent, mysterious

This paper-like non-woven consisting of cellulose, polyester and glass fibre has a noble fibrous appearance and is available in 15 strong colours.


The fleece is translucent, luminescent, easy to cut to size and has a good dimensional stability (with wrinkle memory).


This makes it ideal for room dividers, banners, lighting elements, false ceilings or temporary works of any kind. The Drop Paper is also ideal as a medium for the Japanese art form of the Kakemonos.


Sublimation printing and latex inking is possible.


Fire protection and colour intensity – Drop Paper combines both.

Thickness: 60 g/qm
Roll width: max. 2.40 m (and all smaller widths).
Roll length: 25 m, 50 m running length and more.





The following colours are available:



Drop Paper has got the following certificates: M1, B1, Class 1, NFPA 701, Euro Class: B S1 D0


If you are also contented with a roll width of 1.57 m, we can offer you even more beautiful colors of the fleece material Drop Paper. Here the colour “mousseron” – a really attractive shade, which is not often seen.


                                        Colour “mousseron”


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