What are you really looking for?

“Schwer entflammbar” is one of the working fields of König Konzept in Munich/Germany – which is the company behind this internet site.

As a production agency we strive to fulfil all your wishes beyond the restrictions of standard product ranges.
We have many years of experience and cooperate in a close-knit network of excellent specialists.
Your advantage: You get everything  from a single source and at the highest level of realisation. 


This means, for example, that we can also do the print of the materials we offer.
We can also help you if you need custom-made stage materials such as theatre snow, feathers or leaves in different shapes for a production and so on.


Do you have questions or problems? Maybe we can help you! Photo: Lachmann.



The most important thing for us to know:

What do you need, for what purpose, in what quantity and at what time?
Also: What is the budget for your project?

In our experience, it makes communication very smooth if you have thought about this before contacting us.



We develop solutions together with our network.



Please send us a message via our contact form – preferably taking into account the points outlined above.
We will then get in touch with you very soon.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter, which will keep you proactively informed about our promotions and current productions.



To make it more convenient to you: You can order most products from the “Flame retardant” range in our online shop www.konzept-shop.↗

We look forward to your enquiries and ideas.



By the way, and completely independent of flame-retardant products:
For many years, our paper-search&find- service↗ has made many things accessible that are desperately sought but usually not found. 


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