Our roll papers are not only suitable for use in theatre scenery or decorations.


Our roll paper, for example, complies with the regulations of the state material testing authorities on the flame retardancy of papers when used in rooms or workshops with building authority safety requirements.


Special attention should be paid here to any flying sparks that may occur during the grinding process, which can also reach neighbouring work areas.


Flying sparks during the grinding process, or flying sparks from a simple electric motor, known as "brush fire"
Flying sparks are a major hazard


Technical measures for fire protection are prescribed here, e.g.:

  • Partition walls
  • or flame-retardant curtains and
  • adjustable protective window on the grinding machine.
  • Lining of adjacent spray booths, equipment and tables with flame-retardant roll paper.
    Additional advantage: Walls, drain plates and drip zones remain clean and dry AND fire and explosion hazards are reduced.


In addition to its use in public spaces, our M1 material EventGarant is also ideal passive fire protection in its function as an additional mechanical spark arrester for sparking of brushes in electric motors or can also be used as a non-combustible filter material in motors.
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Another technical application of reel papers is the possibility of

  • packaging of flammable or easily combustible goods or materials.
    Kraft papers in white or brown are stable and comply with fire protection specifications.

Our kraft paper is an environmentally friendly material that can be easily recycled and disposed of. It is harmless to health and can even be printed individually.

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