Wallpaper flame retardant


Flame resistant wallpapers are nowadays an established part of interior decoration.

Individual, artistic interior design is just as important as the uncomplicated possibility of adapting rooms, exhibition stands or stages to personal, even for promotional purposes.


In particular, we offer flame-retardant non-woven wallpapers from the NOFire Wallpaper Wall & More series.


Why non-woven wallpapers?


Removing wallpaper in small strips? With non-woven wallpapers you don’t have to worry about that. Photo by congerdesign on Pixabay.


Our flame-retardant non-woven wallpapers are much easier to handle than wallpapers made of paper, not only during application, but also during removal (easy dry stripping). The soft and pleasantly matt surface also guarantees excellent and homogeneous printing results.


What other advantages are given?


The material of the NOFire wallpaper selection is free of PVC, plasticizers and solvents, without the addition of heavy metal compounds and formaldehyde and at the same time meets the highest fire protection requirements.


This makes the wallpaper ideal for many different areas of application:

Restaurants, bars, hotels as well as exhibition stands, company buildings, kindergartens, schools or universities and also in theatres as an interesting alternative for paper.


We can offer you the following products:


Non-woven wallpapers for gluing in the following thicknesses:

  • 130 gsm – 180 gsm – 195 gsm – 200 gsm


Non-woven wallpapers self-adhesive

At the moment still in the testing institute for the fire protection certificate. Thicknesses:

130 gsm – 170 gsm


Of course you will receive B1 test certificates, technical data sheets and processing instructions for the products.



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