Flame-retardant polyester fabric


Polyester textiles are on the market both as permanently flame retardant fabrics (international designation IFR = Inherently Flame Retardant) and as coated flame retardant fabrics (international designation FR = Flame Retardant).  



IFR fabrics are permanently flame retardant because the reactive flame retardant substances are themselves part of the material, so that the fabric remains flame retardant even after washing or outdoors. Probably the best known polyester fabric in this category is Trevira CS.


Coated FR fabrics are treated with additive flame retardants: The fire retardants are incorporated into the flammable fabrics as additives. Fibres that have been subsequently treated with flame retardants can lose their protection through use, ageing or frequent washing.

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For all textiles a second differentiation is made between opaque (light-tight), translucent and transparent fabrics.


  • Translucent polyester fabrics are often used, for example, for light boxes, trade fair and shop fittings, art and design with the aid of frame and tensioning systems or in interior design.
  • Light-shielding, opaque polyester fabrics are used e.g. for cinemas, theatres, photo and film studios, curtains, wall decorations, etc. but of course also for display systems, roll-ups or in trade fair and shop construction.
  • Transparent fabrics are often used in stage construction, interior design or also used in fashion.


Light-transmitting, translucent fabrics

Transparency comes in many forms. Photo: greissdesign on Pixabay.


We now have an interesting, because also very versatile translucent – in German parlance called semi-transparent – polyester fabric in our range:

PolyKarol  Luce – II

A coated white IFR polyester fabric in a thickness of 180 g/²m. The fabric impresses with its high colour and luminosity. It is particularly suitable for trade fair and shop construction, POS, in advertising, e.g. for light boxes or in frame and tensioning systems, as well as e.g. in the arts or the upscale hotel industry.

In addition, this polyester fabric is also suitable for advertising tents, inflatable advertising (blow ups), large format advertising messages or event banners.

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Opaque, translucent and opaque polyester fabrics

In physics, opacity is a measure of the opacity of translucent materials and layers. The light, or opacity, is expressed as “optical density”.

Curtains for stages, cinemas, photo and film studios or also in interior design, in order to guarantee reliable light exclusion, must of course be opaque. But opaque fabrics are also used for wall curtains, display systems, banners, RollUps or in trade fair and shop fitting and POS.

New in our range:

PolyKarol Opacus black’n’white:

A white, flame retardant, highly opaque polyester IFR fabric, 260 g/sqm, with a silky matt surface, which is perfect for opaque decoration and advertising due to its brilliant print image and stability. The noble black and white “salt & pepper weave” of the reverse guarantees opacity.



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