Flame-retardant polyester fabric



Polyester textiles are available on the market both as permanent flame-retardant fabrics and as coated flame-retardant fabrics.

Photo: Hasa Oguz Altunas at Pixabay


Permanent flame-retardant fabrics are permanently flame-retardant because the reactive flame-retardant substances themselves are part of the material so that the fabric remains flame-retardant even after washing or outdoors.

The best known polyester fabric in this category is Trevira CS.


Coated flame retardant fabrics are treated with additive flame retardants: The fire retardants are incorporated into the combustible materials as additives. You can find more information here.


For all textiles a second differentiation is made between opaque (light-tight), translucent and transparent fabrics.


Translucent polyester fabrics are often used, for example, for light boxes, trade fair and shop fittings, art and design with the aid of frame and tensioning systems or in interior design.


Light-shielding, opaque polyester fabrics are used e.g. for cinemas, theatres, photo and film studios, curtains, wall decorations, etc. but of course also for display systems, roll-ups or in trade fair and shop construction.


Transparent fabrics are often used in stage construction, interior design or also used in fashion.


Photo: Gerd Altmann


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