Floor advertising – flame-retardant, non-slip foil


Walk-on advertising? Why not?

Especially in rooms or buildings where a lot of people are staying, a person’s view is directed to the path in front of him due to security reasons. This offers an effective way to place advertising.


Simply place your logo, your slogan, your product photos, your message as a cartoon or other interesting eye-catchers at your customers’ feet – on non-slip, flame-retardant PVC film.




Our product Floor Display Foil – antislip, a soft PVC foil, offers you and your advertising campaign a fast and cost-effective solution, as lamination after printing is not necessary. At the same time, this film convinces with its clear, colour-intensive print image.


Versatile application possibilities: 


  • Indoor floor advertising on smooth surfaces such as shopping centres, entrance areas, railway stations, airports, medical practices, kindergartens or schools…
  • Protection, – or escape route instructions or signposts e.g. in exhibition halls ideally applicable.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  • The foils can be used indoors for up to 6 months – depending on the load.

Floor Display Foil, Order No. FDF/AS/PVC-P



  • hexagonally embossed monomeric soft PVC film
  • colors: white, red, blue and light green
  • waterproof
  • self-adhesive
  • thickness: 150 µm base film,  approx.. 0,12-0,14 mm
  • Weight per unit area approx. 0.15 kg/sqm
  • transparent semi-permanent adhesive (allows good repositioning when the film is applied and easy removal at the end of the advertising campaign)
  • opaque
  • SUITABLE INKS: EcoSolvent, Solvent, Latex, UVC
  • anti-slip (certified according to DIN 51130 to R10)
  • flame-retardant according to NORM DIN 4102, Teil 1 und Teil 14      

Standard roll widths: 137 cm
Standard roll length: 25 m


This foil produced in the European Union complies with the EU regulation 1907/2006 (REACH).

And because the possibility of recycling should always be an issue for all of us: 


By user: Tomia – Own Plant, CC BY 2.5

The recycling code for polyvinyl chloride is 03. For PVC exists a take-back system; mainly flooring, roofing membranes, window profiles, electrical cables and PVC pipes are collected.







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