tissue papers – flame retardant


Our “lightweights” among flame-retardant papers:
Silk or tissue papers.

Unfortunately, flame-retardant, thin papers are only sparsely represented on the market.

We can offer you silk papers from two European manufacturers, in different thicknesses, at different conditions, in different colours and in the widths max 70/82 cm and max 102 cm (each individually shortenable).


Here you can find all informations: FELIX tissue papers.


Diversity of colours leaves nothing to be desired


They are certified as flame-retardant – the certificates are available via us.

This results in a wide range of application possibilities. Our theatre snow and our autumn leaves, for example, are also made of tissue paper.


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König Konzept: Schwer entflammbare Papiere, Papiersuchdienst, Produktion