Leaves made of Tissue Paper – Flame Retardant


Colourful foliage rain for the stage – a small “making of”


The Thalia Theatre in Hamburg had the following task for us: For the theatre production “Früchte des Zorns” (John Steinbeck), which deals with expulsion, flight and migration, they were looking for flame retardant tissue paper. This was to produce various leaf shapes that would fall out of the drawing board during the staging and produce a kind of autumn foliage rain.


 Here you can see a rehearsal video of the play with our paper leaves:




And that was the production process: 


First, the oval leaves  frameworkwere clarified (to ensure that they were flame-retardant – 4102 B1 ) – i.e. total budget, delivery date, format of leaves, quantity distribution, etc. – Then the question: “Would it be better to have several colours or different leaf shapes? –

The answer was finally: The tissue paper should be punched into four different sheets in dark brown.
Maple leaves, oak leaves, oval and four-pointed leaves in slightly different formats (approx. 15×18 cm!) were desired.

Leaves Oval flame retardant A4 4102 B1

Maple Leaf flame retardant din 4102 B1



For us, the following production steps were to do:

  • colour the white tissue paper brown
  • equip the paper flammable according to 4102 B1
  • make four different tools, taking into account that they can be reused for further productions
  • punching a total of 200 kg of leaves, divided between the four leaf forms (= four production processes) in the quantity ratio of approx. 80:40:40:40 kg


Oak leaf flame retardant A4 4102 B1

Leaves four-zag flame retardant A4 4102 B1



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