In love, only the heart should burn….

There is a new beautiful, romantic way to send a message to your loved one – completely analogue, heart-warming and with a surprise effect. A blessing in these times, I think.

This kind of message is called: Message in a candle.


And the idea is as beautiful as it is simple:
A personalised message is placed at the bottom of a glass jar, wax is poured in and the whole thing is lovingly packaged. Now you can give this candle to your loved one. Once the candle has burned for a few hours and the wax has melted throughout, the message becomes visible – and the love hopefully even greater.


And we at König Konzept are now part of this enchanting idea, at least in Portugal.
Because our flame-retardant Japanese paper is being used by Talho Vegetariano as a printing medium for loving messages.

The company, which originally offered high-quality vegan food products, has now additionally launched the Eco Candle Project and now also offers high-quality and environmentally friendly candles to smell and enjoy.





IVONE MESQUITA, the manager of the Eco Candle Project , was enthusiastic about the idea of the message-in-a-candle and has now developed a series using her own plant-based materials. (By the way, vegetable wax candles burn much longer than paraffin candles).


In the run-up, she did a lot of tests with the papers usually used for the messages and noticed that the glass can crack if parts of the paper get caught in the side walls, for example, and then catch fire when the candle burns down.

As she is very concerned about the safety of her customers, she started looking for a fire-safe solution and came across our flame-retardant Japanese paper, which is also very easy to print on.


Tests with our paper in the candle convinced her and voilà – König Konzept is now a little bit on the way in terms of love – that’s a pleasant feeling…..


P.S.: Then it occurred to me that you could also insert small memories as text in the candle…
I have made up an example:


It’s really a nice reminder, isn’t it? ;)



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