Fire protection is absolutely essential in all areas open to the public.

This naturally includes all types of museums and exhibition centres.

In addition to structural fire protection, attention must also be paid to materials such as paper (e.g. advertising posters, art prints, photographs, ceiling hangers, room dividers etc.) and flame-retardant wall and window design.


Advertising by König Konzept for flame-retardant printing paper. Three visitors sit in an exhibition in front of a large wall full of photographs.
Fire protection in museums – a must! Picture: Gerd Altmann


We can also offer flame-retardant products for these purposes:


  • Flame-retardant fabrics:
    The production of fabrics made from chemical polyester fibres, which can be developed to meet specific requirements and therefore also have flame-retardant properties, is also a major advantage over conventional fabrics. These fabrics are permanently flame-retardant, meaning that the protection cannot be washed out, which is why they are required in the transport or contract market and, of course, in public spaces.



  • Flame-retardant wallpaper:
    Last but not least, we can also offer you flame-retardant wallpapers to bring fire protection to the highest level in residential properties, public spaces or stairwells, etc.

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König Konzept: Schwer entflammbare Papiere, Papiersuchdienst, Produktion