Theatre snow is usually made of paper – because paper has the ideal properties such as lightness, good flight characteristics, fulfilled fire protection standards.


However, we now also offer theatre snow or flake material made of foam.


These flakes are not only just as ideal as flying objects and of course flame retardant, but they are much more visible due to their three-dimensionality and they can be used again and again.


Our flake snow is an irregular tetrahedron.
(By the way: a tetrahedron is a Platonic solid – named after the Greek philosopher Plato).




The flakes have the following dimensions:



By the way: In our staging, we wanted the snow to partially adhere to the clothing (That’s why our “model” wears wool and fleece and also didn’t move ;)).
However, with smoother fabrics, the 3D snow slides off without any problem.





May we inspire you?
On this page you can see our tetrahedron snow in flight and some additional sample pictures.



And here again the most important properties:

  • lightfast (do not yellow),
  • fulfil the important fire protection according to DIN 4102 B1 – flame retardant,
  • very light – volume weight of 7- 9 kg/m³ (similar to styrofoam),
  • available in white.

Of course, we also offer you sample shipments of this product. We have packed 100 flakes for you in 1-litre bags. So you can get a good impression of the material. You can order samples here.


We used 300 flakes for this setup.



Do you have any further questions? We will be happy to help you.

And if you are also interested in our paper snow click here.


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