This is our 3D snow “TetraSnow” flying.


The foam tetrahedrons not only fly beautifully, they also stick very well and they can be easily pressed together to form angular shapes.

We think that not only stage designers, but also artists or photographers and even kindergartens or schools can easily create snow flurries, ashes, coloured ice, angular flowers, balls or other three-dimensional shapes (wrapped in tissue paper).


Here is a first insight into the possibilities that arise with this material:


These tetrahedrons can also be transformed into three-dimensional shapes in a completely quick and uncomplicated way.

Our flame retardant tissue paper is very suitable for creating colour and shape. We quickly made some fruit and a few fireproof sweets.



And of course here’s a little video – because I’m sure you’d like to see the way our flakes landed on the ladies:






And if you have any questions or suggestions – we look forward to your feedback, your ideas, your order and your photos. You can contact us here.


Do you want to create your own productions? You can easily order our TetraSnow in our online store www.konzept-shop.de↗.


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König Konzept: Schwer entflammbare Papiere, Papiersuchdienst, Produktion