The fields of application for flame-retardant materials are extremely diverse, see menu “Areas of application”.


Explainable on the basis of our company history, we currently offer mainly flame-retardant products from the world of paper.  

However, we can already offer you some materials from the areas of fabrics, nonwovens, foils and foams. And we are working on keeping products from more other material worlds for you in the future. 

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Here some examples:



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    For  airports, railway stations, schools, kindergartens and  authorities and cinemas, clubs and theatres


Materials which are subject to fire protection requirements but which are not considered building products in the strict sense because they are not permanently installed are also referred to as ” furnishings”.

This includes, for example:

  • Stage decorations (scenery)
  • Decorations,
  • textile fabrics
  • furniture

The classification as “furnishings” means that these materials are to be treated like building materials with regard to the fire behaviour requirements. The fire behaviour can also be proven on the basis of special standards for these materials if the classification of the fire behaviour is equivalent to the building material classes of DIN 4102-1 and the proof has been provided by a recognised testing body.
You can find an overview of fire standards worldwide here.


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