The Worlds of König Konzept



Dear visitor of the page FLAME RETARDANT.

The offers, contents and services on these pages are one of the areas of Agentur König Konzept, whose other fields of activity are communication and production.


The König Konzept communication agency contains the following areas:

    The communication agency
    Advertising and consultation digitally and analog.

    Haptic communication:  

    About the use of haptics in internal and external communication.

    Text communication:   Not available in english at the moment.    

    Texts and articles  and words that work.

    Business consulting:   Not available in english at the moment. 
    Management consulting that focuses on your strengths and values, not on the dismissal of personnel.

    SEO in Network:   Not available in english at the moment. 
    Website programming and effective marketing communication on the Internet.
    In our Konzept Shop you will find selected products and services from the various interconnected König Konzept        websites. Unfortunately only in German language at the moment.


The König Konzept production agency contains the following ranges:

    The production agency:    
    Print media production and products of the real and analog world.

    Finest Papers and more:
    Always the optimal material and the service paper -search&find- service .

    Letters and Envelopes
    Dispatch solutions individually and “from the bar”.

    Business Cards and more:
    When business cards and other cards need to be more than text and colour on paper

    Flame retardant materials and more:
    Flame retardant products for public events and informtions about fire protection




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