Flame retardant foams

The field of flame retardant foams is very diverse.

  • In the private sector
    As a rule, there are no regulations here and you can use almost any material.
    It’s your common sense that counts here – consider where fire could occur (electrical appliances, sockets, cigarettes, motors, etc.) and then decide on the appropriate foam depending on the use of the rooms (artists’ studios, basement workshops, sports rooms, children’s rooms, etc.).


  • In the workplace area of your own company, in sound studios, in office complexes or halls, in restaurants or event venues.
    Different regulations often apply here.
    Here you should contact the local municipality or fire brigade before purchasing and enquire about the necessary fire protection. In most cases, however, you may only use flame-retardant materials here.


  • In public facilities
    These include schools, day-care centres, universities, sports facilities, etc.
    In these places where many people gather, materials must be used that can be assigned to the fire protection standards DIN 4102 B1, DIN M1 or the European standard EN 13501-1. This means that the materials must be flame-retardant.


We can offer you melamine resin-based foams for the following applications:

Stage effect materials, e.g.:


  • For stage construction and television shows
  • Photo studios and film productions
  • Art and design
Photo of a dressmaker's dummy in half portrait, wearing a black and white dress, a black hat and a red bag. Three-dimensional white snowflakes approx. 3 cm in size are falling from above. Photo: Leopoldi-Art.
TetraSnow 3D flakes – as light as paper, but much clearer to see thanks to their three-dimensionality. Photo: Leopoldi-Art.


Technical applications, e.g:

  • Sound-absorbing panels in a wide variety of designs
  • Acoustic ceiling sails
  • Acoustic murals
  • Absorber suspension for loudspeakers
  • Ideal, therefore, for use in public areas such as schools, industrial halls, day-care centres, open-plan offices, etc. or if you want to combine an elegant appearance with maximum acoustic damping.
Sound insulation is essential for sound recordings


Material properties:

  • Excellent absorption properties,
  • lightfast (do not become yellow),
  • fulfils the important fire protection according to DIN 4102 B1 – flame retardant,
  • very light – volume weight of 7- 9 kg/m³ (similar to Styrofoam).
  • The foam is available in white or light grey.
  • Coloured laminations are possible.

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