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Interior design is the planning and designing of interiors taking in consideration of artistic, economic, technical and ecological aspects.


The wall surface and the curtains – coordinated with each other. An absolute eye-catcher. Photo: Victoria Borodinova on Pixabay


The spectrum ranges from the choice of wall design, thermal insulation, floor covering and the right accentuation of lighting to furniture design.


In the entire public space, i.e. in theatres, hotels, restaurants, airports, offices, schools, trade fairs and exhibition halls etc., the important aspect of preventive fire protection is added to the planning.


This does not mean, however, that the design has to be less aesthetic. Nowadays there are attractive materials for every area of interior design that meet the certification requirements expected by the fire police.


Interior designers and interior decorators often work hand in hand.


While the interior designers often take over the overall planning, interior decorators design the interiors with curtains, drapes, blinds, wall coverings, floor coverings, light objects and upholstered furniture, some of which they also produce themselves. They also install privacy, light and sun protection systems. For all decoration work, interior decorators take the customer’s wishes into account and advise him on all interior design issues.


The following materials are ideal for the artistic, individual, aesthetic and yet safe furnishing of buildings of all kinds:


Wall design: Flame resistant, individually printable wallpapers


Window decoration, shop window design, light protection, privacy protection:

Flame retardant textile materials and fabrics


Room dividers, banners, lighting fixtures, false ceilings:

Flame retardant paper-like, stable, coloured, printable non-woven fabric – our Drop Paper


Indoor floor advertising, guidance system foils, information signs:

Non-slip, flame-retardant, individually printable PVC film


Design light objects: Japanese Papers


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