Lampshade Paper – Flame Retardant

 Lamps heavy on a ventilation bar

Are you looking for flame retardant paper for a luminous object that is haptically of good quality and also visually fits? A certain tear strength and buckling strength is it supposed to have?


We have already received a number of such requests. In this area often are self-employed persons or business founders , who are without large relationship net/contacts, without saved reserves/starting capital.

Or the light products are to be manufactured first in small series and then only depending upon like it starts, in the larger style. In other words, there is the desire for a smaller quantity of material with which one can test and try out.


The next problem: Someone has created very creatively impressive lighLampshade paper flame retardantt objects. And then, unfortunately, the whole world of paper is not open, because there was a problem – fire safety standards ! The legal aspect, the legal liability. Because heat and normal paper, that’s not a good combination. Therefore, flame retardant paper is made to avoid you coming in hot water.


As far as appropriate materials are concerned, we would have some suggestions. At the very front our japanese paper. But look around our pages, there’s a lot more to discover!


If, in addition to the material, you are looking for a process companion who will be targeted and individually based on your requirements and general conditions, up to the development of a market-ready product: Find out more here.



Luminous object hard-to-see