Team and Network


Small permanent team – large range and services:

Not everyone immediately understands what we do and the way we do the many things we do.

This is also one reason why we have divided König Konzept into two basic work areas a few years ago:

Communication agency and
Production with the large section              Flame-Retardant Products –

These areas, in turn, have been divided into a whole series of related but thematically independent websites. Which are these in detail: See imprint.






Alfred König, who is behind König Konzept, and Alina König, his daughter, rely on good organisation, flat structures and above all an excellent network* of approx. 30 companies, with whom we enthusiastically master the great variety of tasks and often cooperate so closely as if we were a single company.

We are especially supported by freelancers. Since autumn 2018, Eva Kormann has also been a permanent member of the team.







What we think a network is: Here are some of our “romantic” thoughts:

Our idea of networking is that one network partner works proactively with the other and invests something in the network without having to be pushed into it.

However, this requires more than it already sounds like a lot of work. But they are efforts that pay off! In our opinion, the whole of humanity could only develop in such a way that the individual stood for the whole. We would not have children if we thought and acted differently.



Without allowing false romanticism to emerge: In the concrete business sense, networks develop

     from a common understanding of the tasks to be accomplished
     a common approach to tackling these tasks,
     an awareness of the needs as well as skills of the other network partners
     and thus presuppose similar values and moral concepts.


In this sense, we see ourselves as idealists who strive for the perfect solution for you.


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