Eva Kormann


Eva Kormann – “The Firewoman”
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Enthusiasm is one of my characteristics



Thanks to Alfred König’s self-image to connect seemingly separate subject worlds and to be intensively networked with others, be they paper manufacturers and paper dealers, printers and converters, creative people or end customers, I was able to join the team in autumn 2018.

I come from the creative sector, so of cause I also have some experience in the printing sector, due to my many years of self-employment even in the office sector and in the field of image processing and website design.




When I had the opportunity to work for König Konzept in the area of “flame retardant”, I immediately agreed enthusiastically. I think this area is not only very, very important – because fire prevention and fire protection is really essential, for example at public events and in public spaces – but I also really find it exciting what I am able to learn and then pass on to you on our website, the way in which our product range is slowly expanding and how we can work towards gradually expanding our entire range and service throughout Europe.

Since September 2019 I have also been allowed to call myself “Specialist for smoke alarms according to DIN 14676-1“. And I am very proud to be the firewoman in this “royal team”!

The column “fire protection topical” lies also up to me. It is very important to me to be able to pass on some information here.

By the way – don’t be afraid – if you are looking for products which are flame retardant and which you can only obtain with great difficulty for your productions or your buildings/exhibition stands/etc., please write us a short message. I look forward to it and we will do our best to be able to help you with the problem solution.


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