In physics, opacity is a measure of the light impermeability (turbidity) of translucent materials and layers. The opacity is defined as “optical density”.

This fabric certainly has a high opacity. Photo: Engin Akyurt on Pixabay



Curtains for stages, cinemas, photo and film studios or even in interior design must of course be opaque to ensure a reliable light exclusion. But opaque fabrics are also used for wall curtains, display systems, banners, roll-ups or in trade fair, shop construction and POS.






New in our assortment:

PolyKarol Opacus black’n’white: A white, flame-retardant, highly opaque polyester fabric, 260 gsm, with a silk matt surface, which is perfect for opaque decoration and advertising due to its brilliant print image and stability. The noble black and white “salt & pepper weaving” on the back guarantees opacity.


The black and white weaving on the back of the fabric does not let any light pass.





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