Translucent, diaphanous polyester textiles



Transparency is available in many versions. Photo: greissdesign on Pixabay.


Transparency allows the game with the light and is installed as intended transparency.

Translucency, on the other hand, stands for the partial translucency of a body or fabric, which, however, is not opaque or even transparent.

Thus, translucent polyester fabrics are used, for example, in stage construction, interior design, art – often in connection with frame and tensioning systems, as well as in trade fair and shop construction, or in light boxes.



We now have two interesting translucent polyester fabrics in our assortment, which are also very versatile in their use – in German they are called semi-transparent:


PolyKarol Luce – I – A coated white, silky flame-retardant polyester textile in the thickness of 135 g/gsm, which enables wonderfully strong colours for both backlit and front lighting applications. It is particularly suitable for trade fair and shop construction, POS, in advertising e.g. for light boxes or in frame and tensioning systems, both e.g. in art or the upscale hotel industry. Despite its low weight, the soft fabric has a pleasantly firm grip and good stability.

Here you will find all information about PolyKarol Luce – I.



PolyKarol Luce – II – Another coated white SE polyester fabric in the thickness of 180 g/sqm. With regard to colour and luminosity, PolyKing Luce II is of the same high quality and can be used for even more applications, as this polyester fabric is also suitable for advertising tents, inflatable advertising (blow-ups), large-format advertising messages or event banners.

Here you will find all information about PolyKarol Luce – II.



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