Festival Llum BCN – When the kitchen transforms into an aesthetic art space….


Oliver Bal’s beautiful concept for the well-known light festival Llum BCN


Barcelona always celebrates a winter festival in February in honour of Barcelona’s second patron saint, Santa Eulalia. Part of the festival is the BCN Light Festival.

In 2020, the architect, designer and artistic director of Carpintectura Oliver Bals developed a very special art concept for this light festival for the spaces in the exclusive furniture store carpintectura.


In contrast to elaborate, electronic light shows, he opted for an interactive and contemplative art experience entirely without electrical rubbish. The work surfaces of one of the kitchens were covered with flame-retardant paper (our brown kraft paper) in a fire-safe way. As darkness fell, people were then invited to artistically transform this space. How did this work?


Starting with one lit candle, each visitor could light another candle and attach it to a freely chosen area.



So there were two aesthetics – one at the very beginning, pure, noble simplicity, and then the final result with the completely changed experience of the space through the multitude of burning, or completely burnt out candles.
The “filling” of the surfaces gave them a completely new meaning.

Because the people were actively involved in this change of space, they also changed themselves for moments and felt this intensely. Certainly, the specially composed music, which covered the room like a carpet of sound, was also part of this total work of art.

After a few hours it looked like this:



Here is a beautiful video of this art project. Let yourself be enchanted!





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