Brown Kraft Paper, flame retardant according to 4102 B1

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available. We are currently endeavouring to find an alternative for this product.


If it has not always to be white (reflective):


Access our kraft paper in wrapping-paper-brown, flame retardant according to 4102 B1.


Whether for technical applications, for dressing or covering and for packaging, for use in theatre scates and decorations – the material is suitable for any area that should be designed fireproof.


B1 wrapping paper flame retardant


It is an environmentally friendly, harmless paper.

Printable with common printing processes and uncomplicated processing.


Possible strengths:

About 95/100 g/sqm – unfortunately no longer available.


We also manufacture theatre leaves out of this paper. 


Theatre leaves out of brown kraftpaper