Theatre Paper 226 g/sqm white – Flame Retardant according to M1


+ + + flame retardant + + + with certificate + + + fast delivery times + + + + even in small quantities + + +


Example paper installation


If you are looking for a stable, white and flame retardant paper-here is something for you:

The set paper in approx. 225/230 g/sqm with M1 certification is ideal for stage productions, exhibition constructions, individual room installations and creative individual solutions.

Rests of the material can be recycled with other papers as a waste paper.

Alternatively, we can offer you this quality in about 153 g/sqm:


The best thing is that the material is available from a roll. So it’s ideal for testing in advance for a rehearsal stage set or the like.


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You are still unsure? You can order a sample package with both paper thicknesses in our shop.


Sample of white backdrop paper, standard M1, 2 thicknesses




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