Flame Retardant Cardboard

Flame-retardant cardboard is either not available at all or only in adventurously large quantities from the factory.


However, we have the possibility to laminate a multi-layered material in the thickness of a cardboard from EventGarant M1 cardboard in 320 g/sqm.

For example:

Two times 320 g/sqm equals approx. 650 g/sqm*, or

three times 320 g/sqm equals approx. 980 g/sqm*, or

four times 320 g/sqm equals approx. 1,310 g/sqm*, or ……


* the calculated difference results from the adhesive application.
The water-based adhesive is not (yet) flame retardant. However, there have been no complaints from any side.

What is EventGarant M1?

EventGarant is a matt white offset paper, available in 120 gsm, 190 gsm, 250 gsm and 320 gsm weights, flame retardant according to French standard M1.


If you want to produce a high weight display, for example, you can print in 320 g/sqm or 250 g/sqm offset and hand over the printed sheets to us for lamination.


Lamination black-white-black

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König Konzept: Schwer entflammbare Papiere, Papiersuchdienst, Produktion