More Paper for the Stage: Role Paper B1 – Flame Retardant


Role paper or sheeted paper – flame retardant according to 4102 B1 …

… in stock or as a production!


Are you looking for paper for your stage production that has to be flame retardant? 


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This is not always easy, but we’ll find solutions – even for  “small needs”.



Currently we can offer you the following roll papers:

Alternatively, you can easily buy tissue paper or crepe paper on rolls or already produced stage effect materials in our concept store: Konzept-Shop. (Only in German language at all.)


Please also note our flame retardant papers according to French standard M1!

EventGarant M1 in 4 weights – Not on roll, but in 70/100 cm format.
Ideal when (offset) printing is required.

Flame retardant roll papers with certificate Norm M1. Two weights and four widths.


You don’t find what you’re looking for? If you are looking for thinner material with B1 certificate, from which e.g. products like flower petals, colored theater snow, confetti etc. are to be made, we can also help you:

We will be happy to produce flame retardant roll paper and products for you in
22, 26 and 38 g/sqm, (from 200 kg), also
40 and 50 g/sqm (from 600 kg).
Interested? Contact.


Alternative please describe your plans to us, we’ll work with you to work out tailor-made individual solutions:

Please contact us.


Other materials for stage and event:

Theatre snow

Motivist confetti, punched motifs



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