Fire safety on ships


The international shipping organisation IMO has developed fire safety regulations for international merchant vessels under the International Convention for the Protection of Life at Sea (SOLAS).


Fire protection on ships – so that the sun remains the only burning element of a sea voyage. Photo: Softcodex


In July 1998, IMO introduced the FTP Code. It contains a compilation of fire testing methods for fire protection of components and materials used on ships.


The FTP Code uses fire tests developed by the International Standards Organization (ISO) that address the areas of non-combustibility, fire resistance, fire behavior, flame propagation, smoke and toxicity of components and materials, as well as special products such as textiles, upholstered furniture and beds.


The test methods used there apply both to railways and to ships.


The flame spread test according to ISO 5658-2 is described for ships in IMO FTP Code Part 5.

Smoke emission and toxicity of materials and components are tested in the smoke chamber according to ISO 5659-2 and are described in  IMO FTP Code Part 2 for ships.

The decomposition gases are tested for the following toxic components:
CO, HF, HCl, HCN, NO2, and SO2.



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