Leaves made of tissue paper

Individual designed leaves made of tissue paper – production possible on request.


For the theater production Grapes of Wrath of the Thalia Theater in Hamburg we produced flame retardant theater leaves.

The tissue paper was to be punched into four different leaves, in the color dark brown.
Maple leaves, oak leaves, oval and four-pointed leaves in slightly different sizes (about 15×18 cm in size!) were desired. We manufactured four cutting dies for this, which we can use for further productions.




For the National Theatre in London, we made leaves from our FELIX tissue paper in three shades using three dies.

And this will give you an idea of the size of the silk leaves:




You like the leaf shapes and are interested in a production? You can get in touch with us here.



Customised maple leaves – remaining stock available in our online store Konzept-Shop:


Individually punched motif confetti


Packaging unit 500 g. Interested? Click here.



Different shapes of foliage leaves – permanently available in our shop:

Simple foliage leaves in different shapes made of FELIX tissue paper in different colours.
Leaf shape egg-shaped / maple / leaf shape oblong (daisy). Available from 1 kg.



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