Corona and the fire risks


Now we all have a difficult time to get through at the moment. The Corona virus has taken full control of the world.


We are being asked to stay at home if possible. Families work from homes, the children are not allowed to go to school or kindergarten or daycare – life takes place in the house or apartment.


This is not easy for any of us – and we could notice that there have been a few more fires.

The Institute for Damage Prevention and Research has provided a diagram for 2019.


Fire cause statistics 2019


As can be seen, in more than half of all cases human misconduct and electricity are the causes of the fires.


The most common causes of fire are:


Pots or pans left on the stove 

Who does not know this – you are cooking and the children have done something in high spirits or out of boredom. Already you forget the kitchen and take care of the aches and pains or try to prevent damage. Or a good thought for work comes to mind and you sit down at your workplace at home “just for a moment” – and cooking is a secondary matter. In the present time the danger is naturally much larger, because house or dwelling developed to a combined work, – cook, – child care, – resting place.

So please take care to keep your pans and pots under control. Flames that flare up from the stove can quickly spread to other kitchen furniture via poorly cleaned extractor hoods.


Electrical appliances, be it a television or a computer, run hot

Individual components can overheat during prolonged use and may tend to form flames, which may be the cause of a fire.  If components, such as batteries, become too hot, the plastic that surrounds the unit will begin to burn. And since we are forced to work much longer and more intensively with our electrical devices at home, the risk of fire increases there as well.


Please check the temperature from time to time and then allow your electrical appliances appropriate “cooling breaks”.


And last but not least a request: If you have the opportunity to escape “house arrest” and can go for a walk in a nearby forest, please watch out for possible smoke signals and under no circumstances smoke in the forest!

Because: That’s how high the current danger of forest fire in Germany is!


Let’s work together to ensure that only the corona virus affects our lives. Let us together make sure that fires do not also cause grief or even danger to life.


In this sense, the team of König Konzept wishes you some wonderful Easter days despite the corona restrictions – AND STAY HEALTHY!